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Player Code of Conduct

The Board of SC Norfolk has approved the following Code of Conduct:

    Players are expected to:
  1. Conduct themselves at all times in a mature, respectful, and sportsmanlike manner.
  2. Attend all practice sessions and games, and at all times follow the instructions of the coach(es).
  3. Give priority to scheduled games over practices when on multiple soccer teams or in multiple sports.
  4. Not engage in disruptive or disrespectful behavior during practice sessions or games towards fellow teammates, other team players, the coaches, the referee, or spectators.
  5. Not engage in any bullying, antagonism, foul or abusive language, or other intimidation of teammates or other team players.
  6. Demonstrate a willingness to learn the game of soccer, and actively participate in drills, exercises, and scrimmages.
  7. Understand and accept that their placement on teams may vary from season to season, and that they may be offered the opportunity to play in different age groups or different levels within an age group. The same opportunity may not be available in subsequent seasons.
  8. Wear the proper S.C. Norfolk uniform and other protective equipment, and dress neatly. The uniform will be kept clean and in good condition.
  9. Ensure playing areas and sidelines are kept clean, and all trash and waste is disposed in the proper receptacles. If there are no receptacles, then all trash is to be taken away.
  10. Properly represent our soccer club, our town, and their family whenever they are attending games and practices.
  11. Learn, understand, and adhere to the BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy

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